For the last ten months we have been working to develop key partnerships with a solar contractor in Washington state and an architect in Peru, to bring off-grid solar-powered lighting to rural parts of Peru.

An estimated 4 million Peruvians currently do not have electricity. Without access to electricity, families spend much of their income on inefficient lighting solutions such as kerosene lanterns. These are toxic and exposure over an extended amount of time, leads to serious respiratory and safety issues.


About us

We are in the process of establishing a 501c, which we expect to have completed by the end of 2016. Our installation and design teams have over 40 years of experience installing off-grid solar in developing countries. This lighting project is going to be the first of many projects that we do in Peru. We are starting with lighting projects with long term goals of building schools, medical and dental clinics, wells and water treatment facilities; all powered by the sun!

The team’s mission statement says it all…

To provide the fundamentals of life (enriching mind, body, and spirit) through education, hydration, and nutrition; ensuring those who cannot provide for themselves get the tools necessary to become self-sufficient and ultimately sustainable.

Why Peru?

Our team in Washington State is a collection of innovative thinkers who are ready and willing to provide a much needed commodity to the people of South America. As we speak, our partners in Peru are setting up meetings with government officials, community leader for our team’s visit to Peru in August 2016. It’s hard to articulate just how important and meaningful the success of our mission is for the Peruvian people.  The first step down the path of success is raising enough funds to put our ‘boots on the ground’ and dig into this tough but rewarding mission.

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